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Andrew Hood became interested in photography when he was about six years old. A Family member bought him a little 110 camera and Andrew was fascinated with looking through the viewfinder. Everything seemed different as if the world had become clearer to him. When he was 13, his dad got him his first SLR camera and Andrew taught himself how to use it and how to control exposures. Most of the photos then were of landscapes, plants and nature.

Andrew is interested in the space around him, particularly inside his home. Hood use lots of multiple exposures to create more space and extra dimensions. The images become fractured and merge into another state of consciousness. Andrew Hood often include himself in his work; he like being part of these unseen worlds. It’s like the extra dimensions that have to exist in string theory to make it work. Andrew have to create the photographs with the camera – constructing them in Photoshop doesn’t work for him – so it can take a while to get the shot, before Andrew is satisfied. Hood experiment a lot, using the camera like a sketch pad.

  • "Frozen Out. Sometimes I feel I live in a world where I don't belong"
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  • "Staying in, Not Going Out"
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