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Aradne is British but was born in South Africa where she lived until about age 8 with her parents and three brothers. They had a farm on the outskirts of Johannesburg where her father worked. It was a remote area so her childhood was lonely in respect of friends but not in the case of wildlife, which was abundant and truly amazing so Aradne never felt lonely in the company of animals and the African workers. Her childhood made a big impact on her and it has influenced her textile work very much. Today Aradne lives in Brighton on the South coast with her daughter.

In College, she did a fashion degree course, and started to work as a designer, but didn't like the cut throat attitude of the business and commute to London. She gave it up for a more regular job in her hometown working in an office environment, which paid the bills, while she continued to explore and study different ways of working in textiles and art in her spare time, until she suddenly found a way to work that is a true reflection of her.

 Aradne make her artwork at home on a fairly basic sewing machine that is capable of using free machine embroidery technique, which is just like drawing with the machine. She does not draw on the fabric first, she stitch all the work immediately onto the fabric. Aradne feels her childhood memories come through in the images, as they have an African feel to them. She gets inspired from fairy tales, mythology and books on art and natural history. Since 2015 Aradne has worked full time on her textile art.



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