Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery’s mission is to give an insight into a highly original form of art created by artists who perceive the world somewhat differently.


Outsider Art has been described as ‘the hidden face of contemporary art’ and constitutes its own category within the art scene. What became known as Outsider Art emerged in the nineteenth century and the term ‘outsider’ refers more to the individual artist than the art they produce. Outsider Art reflects authentic creativity and artistic impulse without regard for an audience or influence from the establishment. 

Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery represents and exhibits art created by the self-taught artists of today.

Lars Egeris and Kristine Kimø founded Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery in 2016. After years of collecting Outsider Art for themselves, they decided to create a platform to share the works they were so entranced by with a wider audience. Over the years, it’s been a pleasure for Lars and Kristine to work with the artists they exhibit and to provide a space dedicated to authentic artistic expression. Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery is the only Outsider Art gallery in Scandinavia.


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